How to Build Your Newsletter List



Newsletters are a must-have for ANY business. It took me almost 10 years as an entrepreneur before I realized the importance of a newsletter, and it wasn’t until someone else told me that it was a MUST. So I hope as you read this, this becomes your moment, and you drop everything and start a newsletter ASAP.

Now, before you freak out because you haven’t started a newsletter yet, use these simple steps to know where to start. You may have awesome content and know what you want to share with your customers, but also realize that you have no one to send it to. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Maybe you’ve been in business the last 20 years and forgot to grow an awesome newsletter list? Or what if you are just starting your business and don’t know what to even talk about in a newsletter? Today I want to answer one of the most important questions in getting started: How do you build your list of followers? These 5 simple steps are a great starting point to get you a list in no time!

01. Add any past customers to your list

02. Create Pinterest graphics that circulate and lead back to your email opt- in

03. Announce your newsletter on Instagram and Facebook, provide a link for them to sign up

04. Create Facebook and Instagram ads that lead back to your email opt-in

05. Make sure all the customers that purchase a product or service, have an option to opt-in to your email list

I hope these tips were helpful for you in growing your brand. Check out my website for more tips and tricks for your Social Media Marketing. I go into detail on how to implement these steps and so many other important Social Media tricks for your modern business! Or to take your Social Media to the next step email I would love to help you!!

xoxo, Maebeck Social