WHY Instagram Stories Matter

How to Use Instagram Stories to Build your Business

Okay, so obviously you know what IG stories are right?  But do you understand the ways it can help your business? Instagram is one of the fastest growing marketing tools for business, don't fall behind! Instagram stories are all about consistency and content. If you want to beat the IG algorithm then you need to be posting on your stories DAILY.  


We created a guide for using IG stories to market yourself and reach your target audience. Snag yours here! The growth for your business is worth the investment!  This PDF is your ultimate guide to successfully using Instagram stories to market to and reach your audience! In this PDF you will learn how to:

  • - figure out what and when to post

  • - track your performance

  • - use polls, hide hashtags, and more

This 7-page guide is everything you need to get the most out of Instagram Stories!


Don’t have time to create content for daily posting on IG stories? We would love to chat with you. Here at Maebeck we work on IG content creation, Pinterest, Facebook, newsletters and more! Take the stress out of running your own social media and let us help!

Xoxo, Maebeck