What To Do When you Lose a Client or Customer

How to Bounce Back After Losing a Client

Being active on social media can be super vulnerable. Especially if you are doing it correctly and CONNECTING with your audience on the daily. So… what do you do if you lose a client or a customer on social media? It might feel personal, it might feel like a failure, it might feel like a slap in the face. I get it! I have been there. Being an entrepreneur for over 10 years I know the feeling of opening my email or seeing a DM on Instagram and realizing that someone has chosen to go a different direction. Sad day!

Here are a couple things you can do after losing a client or customer:


1. Take a deep breath. Life is not over. People still love you and you are doing a great job for all the other awesome clients or customers you have gathered.

2. Ask yourself, was or is there something I could do differently to get them back? Is there something I can do to make any “wrongs” right? If there is, then ask! See if you can make it right and earn back their business.

3. If the relationship is in-fact over or the customer is for sure long gone, then focus on how you could use the now freed up time in your calendar to grow your business or give other clients or customers extra care and love.

4. Don’t give up. It is so easy to take a one time negative situation and think that is sums up your entire business. Sometimes people just aren’t a good fit, and sometimes people might not like the product you sell. But guess what, that is ok! The other 99% love you! Keep positive.

5. Tell a friend what happened. Sometimes it takes a good friend who knows you to give you a real pep-talk or some hard love on how you can better your business. Don’t keep your hard days to yourself.

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Xoxo, Maebeck