Today I want to chat about this question “BUT SHOULD YOU”?

Every single week we give social media tips and our hope is for those of you who are new to running a business or new to social media that you would find our free tips inspiring and keep you headed in the right direction… But for those of you who are a little more seasoned in the art of running a biz, I have a thought for you… I want you to ask yourself “BUT SHOULD I”?


Maebeck is a full social media firm…. And guess what? Our clients know all about social media. They absolutely could do their own social, figure out how to stay up with the algorithms, spend the 2-3 hours a day planning out their posts on each platform, adding those key words, adding #s, networking and collaborating with other Instagramers etc… But they choose not to… Why? Because at the end of the day it makes more sense for them to outsource parts of their social media to a company like Maebeck Social so they can grow and focus on their actual business.

They know that even though they could, SHOULD THEY? And their answer is, they shouldn’t. They know their time is more valuable spent elsewhere on the areas that will push their business to the next level.

So I want to encourage you… and this question should be asked in all areas of your business, not just social. I want you to ask yourself “BUT SHOULD I?”…. What are areas that you should probably let go so that you can free up time to grow your business in other ways that you wouldn’t have been able to if you were spending 20+ hours a week on running all areas of your social media.

Something a good friend told me years ago was “just because you could, doesn’t mean you should”. I bring this concept into motherhood, into my business, and all areas of my life.

I encourage you to track your time for a week. Circle the areas that can be outsourced, or don’t need to be done by you. Take those off your plate and replace it with things that will absolutely grow your business!

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xoxo, Maebeck Social