How to Take Instagram Worthy Photos!

Professional Photography Tips for Instagram!

I was a professional photographer for about 10 years! During that time I took photos of hundreds of people, products, celebrities, brands… you name it I SHOT IT. I found that tons of my clients needed photos for their social media, social media marketing is HUGE for any business owner. If you’re going to build your brand on Instagram then you MUST have professional looking pictures to market yourself! I’m going to share some of the tips I have learned along the way to help you produce that Insta worthy post for your product!



A professional camera is a MUST. You won’t get high quality results if you are not using high quality products. This will be an investment up front, but TRUST ME it is worth it in the long run!


Good lighting! Even the best photos look bad without the proper lighting. Invest in a couple lighting tools to help you get the best shot, taking the shade of your living room lamp just won’t cut it if you want your photos to be picture perfect for your IG.


Color palettes, color palettes, color palettes!! You must make sure your colors compliment each other to get the best result. I suggest picking a few colors for your brand sticking within that color scheme. That way you know they will always match and you will have consistency throughout your Instagram grid!

Did you know that here at Maebeck we offer photography within our social media marketing packages? This takes the stress of curating stunning photos off your plate and into the hands of a professional. Your photos will not only look great but will also be taken with a marketing strategy in mind. Email us at to get started! Also, click the link below for more tips for Insta-worth photos every time and some of my favorite tools I use!

Xoxo, Maebeck